Through our website www.modirent.gr you can be informed for the rental prices and you can make a reservation. You can navigate easily and fast, just following the booking process. Alternative you may call in the call centre of MoDi Rent a Car: +30 212 000 2005

During renting, in all forms of payment, it is demanding the commitment of a specific amount of money, as a guarantee. This amount differs according to the vehicle’s category, but also the period of time of the rental. Essential condition is the existence of enough ending limit, in order to cover the total charges. After the rental’s end the amount from your credit card is released.

As soon as you make your reservation, a confirmation message will be sent to you with the reservation number and rental details. In case you need to change or cancel your reservation, please go to “MY ORDERS”, type the confirmation number of your Order and follow the directions. Call the reservations center of MoDi Rent a car: +30 212 000 2005.

In order the tenant to rent a car he should:

Be at least 25 years old with driving license, which is valid in Greece and issued at least before 3 years.
Have Greek, European (for E.U countries) or International (for countries outside Europe) driving license.
Owns personal credit/ debit card.

Yes, according to the current viability. Each reservation is unique and has a separate number.

In order to rent a car, you should bring your identity or passport, driving license and also your credit/debit card, from which the financial guarantee will be committed.

The minimum age-limit for all categories is 25 years old. It is clarified that the driving license should be valid for at least 3 years.

In case you do not have a credit card with you, you can use a third person’s card to make your reservation, only if the lease agreement is signed by that person.

Each vehicle should be delivered full of fuels, exactly as received. Otherwise, you have to pay the difference (according to the current average fuel price), without any further charge for the use of the refueling service.

No, each offer is valid only for the specific period and until its end and only for reservations through the website of MoDi Rent a Car.

In MoDi Rent a Car the following credit cards are accepted….. The amount can also be paid off in cash, but the driver should have a personal credit card with him for the guarantee. It is not accepted the… (For more information please read the ways of payment).
As long as you want to expand the agreed car rental, you should come in contact with our company at least 24hours before the expiry of rental, in order to expand your rental in the lease agreement.
During the car’s receipt it is important to check with our representative and show him possible damage from previous rental. Signing the lease contract you accept that you are aware of these and you are not responsible for theses.
No, in any case it is forbidden explicitly vehicle’s transfer outside the Greek territory.
No, essential condition both for making the reservation and for guarantee’s payment is the existence of a credit/debit card.
In case any mechanical breakdown occurs, you should contact with the road assistance. Then you have to inform MoDi Rent a Car of the incident .
No, any insurance does not cover damage in wheels, tires, glasses and the car’s rear ground.
No, if for any reason you return the car before the agreed date you do not reserve any refund.
In general there is a grace period around 1 hour (60’). After the expiry of this period, you are bearing the cost of one more day, according to the current pricing policy.
Yes, you can, if you inform the company at least 24hours before the delivery. It is clarified that in this case may occur an extra cost.
If for any reason you do not appear in the scheduled day and time for the car’s receipt, without any previous update, MoDi Rent a Car reserves the right to cancel your reservation after 30 minutes, without any notification. It is clarified that the reservation’s amount will not be returned to your card.